Frontline Radio DJ Roll Call

Posted: January 16, 2007 in Presenters & DJ's
Arc Angel (RIP)
Bella Irie
Barry G & Bigga
Captain & Kizzy
Count D
Doctor C & Standguard
Dr Pebbs
DJ Rickochet & Mc Skanka
Jah Glee
JP Bizzy
Lady Dee aka (L Dee) & Kay Bee (Double Trouble)
Mafa T, Cutty Mello, Singing Vibe (Redstar Crew)
Mr Brown
Mr Womble aka Comercial Man/Mr HMV (Baron Turbo Charge)
Mysterious P
Original Cool-Forget-Everyting!!!
Ralph (Far East Sound System)
Ras Dread
Roots Daughter
Sticks & Patrick ‘P’ Davies (Symbolic Crew/Megatone)
Tallman & Shortman
Tippa Gee & Q-Bass
Wilie Dan & Jnr Ninja (Mayhem)
Yoyo & Flexy J
Wilie Max (Tarus)
This is not a complete list more to be added
If your name SHOULD be up here

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