FLR Soul DJ Roll Call

Posted: January 16, 2007 in Presenters & DJ's

DJ Roll Call

Andy & Nadine (Primetime)
DJ Delight
DJ Sarge
DJ Whizz aka Madhatter
Genius (Nitro)
Markie B (South Central)
Mavvy Dee
Shortdog (South Central)
Sweatbox (Nitro/Soul Control)
T Chill (South Central)
T2 Bad (Soul Control)
Rob Bass (Soul Control)
This is not a complete list more to be added
If your name SHOULD be up here
  1. Bhavesh says:

    I was 15 and tuned in everyday and FLR Soul shaped my whole love for beats and soul… THANKSSSSS SOOOO MUCH for many happy evenings bustin\’ it in my bedroom !

  2. […] like The Reno, Man Alive, Berlin and Boardwalk all played a part, as did radio stations like pirate FLR Soul (Frontline) and legal independent Sunset… but unlike London, Manchester didn’t seem to be able to […]

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